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The A-Team Movie

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Ideal casting imo would have been:

George Clooney - Hannibal

Jim carrey - Murdock

Brad Pitt - Face

Michael; Clarke Duncan as BA

Helena Bonham Carter as Amy

Dwight Schultz as Colonel Decker

Dirk Benedict as Colonel Lynch

Cameo by Mr T as BA's father who has been kidnapped by the Military in an attempt to flush out the A Team.

See that would work :)

You beat me to it! I'm going to say it anyway...

Hannibal: George Clooney

Murdoch: Jim Carrey

Face: Brad Pitt

BA: Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express etc)

There, mixed it up a tiny bit. Only one I'm sure of is George Clooney though as he is awesome.

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You know, that's actually an excellent trailer. If the plot of the movie is as wonderfully simplistic and stays as true to the A-Team formula as that would suggest I think this could be a fairly enjoyable romp.

But will the bad guy lock them in a warehouse full of tools and equipment with no possible way of escape? Only time will tell.

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Has anyone seen it yet ? Went to see it last night and loved it, most fun film this year, very much in keeping with the style of the original TV series, a few nods to the original and even one to Dwight Schultz's character in Star Trek. Sadly it's not done so well in thestates so may not be a sequel, which would be a huge shame as there's a great action franchise in there somewhere.

Really enjoyed it, well recommended to fans of the original, i don't see how you could be a fan of the original and not enjoy it. The only disappointment was waiting for Boy George to cameo and he didnt :(.

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Hannibal - It's got to be somebody pretty old, but still quite well built, they still need to be believable firing a tommy gun and chomping on a cigar. Maybe Harvey Keitel? Or Tommy Lee Jones?


Face - known for being handsome, smooth and a womaniser and the ability to talk his way into anything. The logical choice would be Tom Cruise but Kevin Spacey could probably pull it off.


Murdock - Got to be comedic without being too rubber faced, and still pretty hard looking - he is a Vietnam veteran after all. So that rules out the likes of Jim Carrey. Christian Slater or Johnny Knoxville would do.


BA - There can't be many actors out there with the sheer size of Mr T, except maybe Michael Clarke Duncan (he was John Coffey in the Green Mile). He would be good, but as there isn't really much acting involved, just scowling and punching people, they might end up going with a rapper or a boxer or something. Maybe someone like Xzibit. Or Bobby Lashley!


I still like my cast better than the actual one.

Christian Slater as Murdoch would have been amazing.

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I saw it the other day aswell. Was well impressed with it. Explosions and everything.

The actors didn't stray TOO far from the original characters either which I loved.

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Caught this a couple of weeks back. Like everyone else has said great fun. They half-tried to make the story modern and interesting, didn't bother me much. Neeson didn't look great but Murdoch/Coply (the guy from District 9) was immense.

Bottom line, it's all about the action and this is the type of action that has you sitting in your seat, grinning like a Cheshire cat because it's so ridiculous and entertaining - until the last play where CGI takes over to the max.

It's been panned by critics, but unless you're expecting another Bourne flick get over yourself and enjoy it like everyone else.

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