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Female singer/guitarist required.... Alternatively, just a guitarist

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Hey, hey. We're an alternative rock band called 'The Exit Strategy' and we're looking for a new 2nd guitarist... preferably one who can contribute some feminine vocals in the vein of Bilinda Butcher from My Bloody Valentine. Basically just some nice harmonies and/or sharing lead vocals. We've already got a guitarist/vocalist, bassist and drummer - just so ya know. ;)


This is possibly a long shot, so we're quite happy to accept any dudes that want to come along and have a jam - we need a guitarist regardless.

We mostly play distorted stuff, but we like a bit of melody runnin' through it. Influences are:

My Bloody Valentine, Soundgarden, RATM, QOTSA, Big Star, Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young and loads more.

We're pretty open minded - so we're quite happy to take on anyone regardless of their influences or style (within reason :p). I like to think it's the members who determine the sound of the band, not the other way around. :]

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I am a female, a vocalist and a guitarist with some experience.

I am also a songwriter but that's not very much important.

I like Soundgarden:)

If You are interested please let me know:)

Kind regards.

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