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Moshulu LIVE

THE VIVIANS plus support @ MOSHULU - AUG 3RD

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7.30PM / 5.00

Formed in Edinburgh, August 2006, the Vivians were made by long term friends and strangers; Damon, Chris, Kit, Scott & John who are now based in London. With their "gives a fuck" attitude The Vivians do nothing by halves. This attitude may be reminiscent of "punk" although their music refreshingly takes influence from a broader musical spectrum. Twin guitars fighting one another for the rawest, catchiest riff over a disco beat and impassioned vocals of Damon Deville, creating the perfect musical concoction for their exhausting live performances. Such performances have earned them the reputation as being one of the hottest live bands around. The Vivians posses it all; a style, substance and sexual tension for you to listen to, drink to, dance to, fuck and snort glue to in a kind of marvellous beautiful craze that has almost been forgotten today.

"The Vivians are the future... Divided We Stand is an anthem for us all" ...Daily Record

"one of the best frontmen of the minute, with one of the best bands around... 10/10" ...Club NME

"a must see" ...The Sun

"Punk Rockin' Genius" ...Vic Galloway Radio 1 Scotland

"Essentially, The Vivians are all about attitude. Their live performances exude the platoon mentality of The Clash and the unhinged, intense presence of The Voidoids. To top it off, they have the smouldering tunes that make you want to dance, fuck and fight simultaneously." ...The Skinny (Interview, May 2007)

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