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The Ergon Carousel (ex-Narcosis)


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Okay, let me rephrase.

They're not even on the same level as the puddle that one of the singers from the A*Teens once pissed in when drunk after a concert in Lapland.

i love em a lot, but then I loved narcosis.

one mans junk is another treasure. you have no interest in music of this ilk, so why bother adding nothing constructive to the thread? oh wait, its yet another poor attempt to snare a teabags!

away back to whatever it is you do, last I remember you were working in Burger King at Altens ;)

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this is ace, i put up a thread about arhcives, cloud said he'd rather get kicked in the face, then a while later decided he'd kind of like to see them live. i put up this thread, cloud says its worse than an arctic piss, then says its interesting.


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aye would have been up for it too but I have got other stuff on!

also, dave, did you get a mail from Mikey flatlands about them and the death of her fucking money? Friday somethingth of September he was saying. thinking about it but Im doing HFH on 23rd october too.

Yeah I did, not heard anything back, I know his net access is shite just now.Didnt realise its the same night as Shield your Eyes though, I dont mind this but if you guys want to do it in Dundee feel free.

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