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Most Haunted


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I've never really watched this but I watched a DVD of "50 Scariest Moments" last night. What do we make of it? Do you think it's legit or is it all camera tricks and fakery?

Personally speaking I think most of the stuff I saw on the DVD could have been easily faked. Stuff gets thrown across rooms, lights get switched off etc. but it always seems to happen off camera, and the camera pans round to a suspicious looking crew member saying "I didn't do nuffink!". Plus I think they use power of suggestion a lot. A lot of celebrity guests said they saw ghosty stuff, but if you get someone who believes in it, put them in the basement of an old castle and tell them it's haunted and then make them sit in the dark, they are bound to see and feel stuff, a slight draught could be construed as "someone breathing on me", etc.

I'm not saying I don't believe in ghosts etc. In fact I'm largely undecided on the matter, having seen things in the past that I can't really explain (although that doesn't automatically mean it was a ghost!). But I think the show is a crock.

Whadda ya reckon?

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