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original musicians wanted for awesome band


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I'd like to start an awesome band

I have 4 songs written in the "heavy rock" genre ( to be as general as possible )

Each with 2 or more guitar parts, bass, drums, and vocals

Sometimes it's yer blues based big rock songs

Sometimes it's weird exotic scales

Sometimes it has chromatic licks sliding about

I like odd time signatures and cool scales and sounds that I'm NOT used to hearing

But I like simple music too,

It's about the emotional charge really

I like vocal harmonies also

But anything goes as long as it is original ( and awesome )

I'm not hard to get along with but I cannot be doing with:

* selling badges, cds, or sex on Regent Quays

* trying to have an "image"

* making a myspace page before anything else

* playing gigs while we sound like shit because we have no patience

* playing gigs and sounding like another band because we nicked all the riffs

( and I didn't really want to include this but I think it'll suitably discourage anyone who keeps their finger in their bum for inordinate amounts of time from replying )

I care only about the actual music!

Looking especially for a good singer, male or female

I'm looking for people who would have no problem learning these tunes, and who feel crazy and confident enough to write some more decent original music.

Influence include:


Miles Davis



Aphex Twin

Dead Can Dance

Sunny Day Real Estate




Mars Volta

Future Sounds Of London

Anal Beard

Nine Inch Nails

Tom Waits

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