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Hip Hop/Beatbox/Mc/Breaks

Aberdeen Beatbox Collective

Mc U-Turn

Dj Tez & Finnie

ABC consists of Kris P aka Smug, Alex B aka A-Box and Ben P aka Hickup. They have all been beatboxing individualy for a good few years now but recently decided to form a group to make the most of each of their own styles and their love for music.

U-Turn won the Scottish DJ Championships in 2005 and so qualified for the UK DMC Finals in London. He has dj;d for for clubs such as Scratch. These days he is a recording artist doing solo tracks using his skills as a dj/producer and mc/lyricist. He is part of a band called the Evil Residents.

Thursday 26th June

Origin, Market st, Aberdeen

Below Hotel Metro

10pm - 2am

Entry 3

MySpace.com - Origin - UK - Electronica / Techno / Drum & Bass - www.myspace.com/originclub

MySpace.com - U-TURN THE CHAMPION - The EdiNbUrGh, UK - Breakbeat / Hip Hop / Rap - www.myspace.com/uturnsonics

MySpace.com - ABC - Aberdden/Edinburgh, UK - Hip Hop - www.myspace.com/beatboxaberdeen

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