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The Happening


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Well maybe not best to assume every critic is right. It is just one persons opinion.

I've never particularily liked his (M.Night.Shyamalan) movies but I really enjoyed it. I went to see it with family and I had my reservations but it was pretty enjoyable.

Most people I know that have seen it quite liked it.

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I was a fan of all his previous movies, until I saw this.

Terrible plot, absymal acting, dull ending- I thought the whole thing was building up to something really really good, but it wasn't. At all.

In theory this could have been a good film- fuck knows what's happened to the man who gave us movies as great as the Sixth Sense and Signs. I've bought Lady in the Water to compare to this, but I'm scared to watch it in case it ends up being as shite as this.

So to round up, I thought it was gash.

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I'm with you there. I just assumed it was an old fashioned commune in a modern day environment anyway.

When I realised this was supposed to be the twist I just thought...... Shiiiiiiiiiiiite.

Spoilers! Although you are actually doing people a favour by letting people know the ending so they don't have to watch it.

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