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Anyone going to Leeds?


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I'm not sure this is the best place to make this post but it seems to fall under the title of "networking" better than anywhere else (If anyone has suggestions of other websites etc, please let me know!)

My friend and I have tickets for the Leeds weekend festival. I'm ashamed to say I had to resort to buying these from a tout on eBay at vastly inflated prices. But what bothers me even more than my now empty wallet, is that we would like to take a campervan to the festival, but in order to do this we need a "ticket order number" to send in an email to the event organisers. This isn't something my tout can provide (who's knows if he can even provide the tickets, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on that one!)

And so to the point of this posting! Is there anyone out there with tickets to the Leeds festival who would be willing to apply for a campervan pass on my behalf? All it would entail is to send a 4 line email with YOUR ticket order number, name and address and MY vehicle reg. Then if you get an email back saying the application is successful, we can meet up and I can give you... say 20 for your minimal trouble

Can anyone help me? If so, may God bless your kind-hearted soul.... get in touch and we can take this offline....

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