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New Biffy Clyro song!


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Tuned into Radio 1 tonight to hear the exclusive first play of the new Biffy song 'Mountains'.

It's their first release since Puzzle and I really liked it.

Here is clip of the song, really like the end of the song however it's not captured in this clip:

YouTube - Biffy Clyro- Mountains


It's incredible. Thank god you can listen to shows again on the Radio 1 website.

If anyones interested, listen to Zane Lowe's show from last night, and it starts exactly 30 minutes in.

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Biffy were without a doubt one of my top 5 bands before Puzzle. It's still a good album, but it's NOTHING compared to the old stuff.

I feel the exact same with this song- nice song, few really good bits, but it's not a patch on any tunes from Blackened Sky.

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I love Biffy. I wasn't enthralled by this song, though. Just... hmm. :( I even liked Puzzle too. I'm going to blame this on 14th Floor, because I'm too spineless to dislike Biffy themselves. :o

I think I might agree with you here. They said themselves that it was time to earn a bit of cash after their many many years of slogging it out and Puzzle was catered towards a much larger audience. I suppose it shows something of Simon Neil's song writing skills that he can write 3 brilliant albums that created a massive cult following, then write a radio friendly pop album that still retains a bit of the old and throws in a few money earners seemingly effortlessly. This new song however might be a grower, but I'm sceptical. I love Biffy, they are my one of my favourite bands among the who and radiohead etc

I like the ones without piano though.......weezer never really did piano ever did they? have they?

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