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THIS SATURDAY! Fudge are proud to present, at the world-famous Moorings Bar:

The Ghost Of Fudge

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11.30pm - MySpace.com - Chop Suicide - Toronto, CA - Rock / Rock / Rock - www.myspace.com/chopsuicideonline

"Canada's latest contribution to the downfall of society"

- Classic Rock.

Remember the Red Light Rippers? From the ashes of the

Canadian rockers now rises Chop Suicide, sounding something

like Joan Jett and G'N'R hurtling towards each other and

crashing head on in a bloody mess. This is their debut UK tour.

They have a track on the free CD with Junes edition of Classic

Rock magazine too, if you fancy checking them out...

10.30pm - Myspace.com

... as do Stockholms wonderful Apes I.Q. Pick up a copy from your

local newsagent. Apes mix Elvis with Swedish glam-punk and LA

style sleaze rock. Im only in it for the pussy! they claim.

9.30pm - MySpace.com - BloodNut - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/bloodnut666

These gentlemen and their stoner / metal hybrid band

recently won BEST BAND IN ABERDEEN at The Fudge

Awards, and packed out the Black Tooth Rock Lounge.

Come and see what all the fuss is about!

8.30pm - MySpace.com - Downfall - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Rock / Thrash - www.myspace.com/downfall13

On the go since 2005, this Scottish Heavy Metal band are

slamming something new on the table. A unique mix of

thrash, blues and rock n' roll, Downfall will get your head

banging and your hearing tested.

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MySpace.com - Element 106 - Aberdeen, UK - Metal / Death Metal / Thrash - www.myspace.com/e106

"We are a 5 piece Metal band from Aberdeen, Scotland.

The music speaks for us."

MySpace.com - Ten Tonne Dozer - Shetland Islands, UK - Metal / Rock / Southern Rock - www.myspace.com/tentonnedozer

Resilient five-strong heavy rock unit based on the remote

Shetland Islands. The band’s members’ geographical origins

and taste in music are extensive and varied, and this is

shown with great passion in their high-octane original music.

MySpace.com - STOLEN ORDER - UK - Rock - www.myspace.com/stolenorderband

Inverness based band who play rock music with riffs and,

quite possibly, wear a lot of leather and denim. They’re on

a mission to play bad-ass music like GNR and Metallica, and

it’s their first visit.

MySpace.com - DeadMetal - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/deadmetal07

You might possibly have seen these guys playing with Onion

Terror last month. They make a welcome return to the

world famous Moorings Bar. I think you’ll find the clue is in

the name.

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SAT 12th JULY 2008


MySpace.com - Samurai Fury - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Metal / Punk - www.myspace.com/samuraifury

"Samurai Fury are a band from Aberdeen Scotland specialising in fast, dirty, shred Rock'n'Roll. Formed in 2004, the band have played an impressive number of blistering shows throughout north Scotland as well as supporting bands such as Electric Eel Shock, The Zico Chain and The Black Velvets.

With a hyperactive stage presence and a screaming, crushing, rock/metal fusion sound, they always serve up an excellent show of mojo driven, crotch fuelled fun!"

MySpace.com - Rue The Day - UK - Metal / Rock - www.myspace.com/ruethedayrock

"Early 2008 and Rue The Day are immersing themselves into a burgeoning metal scene; leading the charge of fresh British thrash talent. Unleashing their debut album on Casket Records and selling out online within the first day of release alongside glowing press coverage, a September UK tour and big budget film soundtrack beckon.

Recently back from a successful tour of Eastern Europe, concluding in a headline slot at the Party in the Prague Festival, Rue The Day’s music has featured on MTV 2's Headbangers Ball, a ‘history of thrash’ Big Cheese covermount CD and a number of extreme sports films - while the band themselves have ripped apart a string of high-profile venues."

"A strong sign that U.K metal isnt dead" 5/5 - Big Cheese Magazine

"Blistering metal-core. They've sure got some groove, as well as bags of ability" - Rock Sound Magazine

"Fiery traditional metal from promising young Midlands-based quintet characterised by twin lead guitar exchanges and battering rythms." - Metal Hammer

"If you believe that stage diving should be an Olympic sport, in the power of the mosh and that circle pits should always run counter-clockwise, then you need to listen to this record" - Mass Movement

"With bands like Rue The Day forming the backbone of the UK assault, things can only get better. They've managed to forge their own identity, that most elusive of thrash trophies" - Subba Cultcha

MySpace.com - Dirty Angels - Dumfries, UK - Glam / Rock / Punk - www.myspace.com/thedirtyangelsrock

"Debauchery, Excess, Blood, Sweat and Alcohol: Dirty Angels were formed out of the extreme lack of all of these words from modern day Rock 'n' Roll. Pissed off at the small minded-ness of their home-town Dirty Angels came together. Formed in '06, the boys killer brand of Rock n' Roll quickly landed them a deal with US based Glass Manacle Records. Dirty Angels hit the live music scene like an out of control runaway train and played to capacity audiences in the UK's premier live music clubs. Dirty Angels are poised to become the next 'big thing' in modern Hard Rock, and will challenge any doubters who say otherwise."

MySpace.com - Evil Demon Theory - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Progressive / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/evildemontheory

"Four like minded creatures with an appreciation of good music, and a desire to write their own. Each member brings something unique to this project, which places importance on meaningful lyrics, groovy riffs, wailing solos, fat bass and some angry drumming. Music with soul and balls."

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THIS SAT: 19th JULY 2008 at the MOORINGS BAR


MySpace.com - Thrashist Regime - UK - Thrash - www.myspace.com/thrashistregime

Formed at the dark end of 2007 Thrashist Regime will slay your

babies, pwn j0r m0m and generally hit you like a hard, fast

sledgehammer. They return after last months successful show.


MySpace.com - SWORN AMONGST - On Tour Weds - Album In Stores Now - Hull, UK - Metal / Thrash / Hardcore - www.myspace.com/swornamongst

“Fresh-faced thrash, with singalong choruses that are catchier

than bubonic herpes, Sworn Amongst's debut full length is every

bit the steely-eyed statement of intent that it's name [”And So

It Begins”] suggests” - Terrorizer

“Ambitious and reassuringly heavy. Hopefully this is just the start"

- Kerrang!

“A massively promising & accomplised debut” - Metal Hammer


MySpace.com - protohero. - Bishop Auckland, UK - Punk / Rock / Experimental - www.myspace.com/protohero

“Really fast, fun, heavy punk pop from UK, laden with kooky

breaks, electronica and vocal interplay. Strong songs played at

pace and with an unbridled energy and enviable dexterity, and

sometimes accordion. But not in a shit way!” - Metal Hammer


MySpace.com - Red Mongoose - Aberdeen, UK - Blues / Rock / Classic Rock - www.myspace.com/redmongooseband

Their sound can be linked back to Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream,

Black Crowes, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Clash, Thin Lizzy, Deep

Purple and many other great bands be they punk, blues or other.

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SAT 2nd AUGUST 2008

Fudgenight#144 @ The Moorings Bar

Snake Temple Kings + Coholic + The Leonard Jones Potential + Dusty Valentino


MySpace.com - The Snake Temple Kings - Aberdeen, UK - Progressive / Psychedelic / Rock - www.myspace.com/thesnaketemplekings

BEST ROCK BAND IN ABERDEEN 2008 - as voted for at the Fudge Awards

MySpace.com - COHOLIC - Edinburgh - Us -Glasgow - Rock / Pop / Progressive - www.myspace.com/coholicmusic

MySpace.com - The Leonard Jones Potential - Inverness, UK - Funk - www.myspace.com/theljp

and, as Crake are unable to play, the shows opens with a set of acoustic americana from DUSTY VALENTINO

8.30pm first act, 3 on the door, 1am curfew as normal.

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and introducing THE MR MOORINGS 2008 COMPETITION hosted by Rapunzel

MySpace.com - BloodNut - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/bloodnut666

MySpace.com - Dollar - Sent - Brighton, UK - Rock / Metal / Punk - www.myspace.com/dollarsent

MySpace.com - 1864 In Art - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Metal / Alternative - www.myspace.com/1864inart

"SO! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MR MOORINGS COMPETITION?" I hear you query... I can now answer that question...

There are 3 stages:

1) A physical challenge which will take place in the lane outside the bar (to ensure that everyone is able to breathe). This will be underway whilst bands are on but people are welcome to spectate.

The winner of the physical challenge is allocated 10 points, the runner up 8 points and so forth.

2) The golden ratio. Here we compare wrist, chest, waist, hip, measurements etc with the golden ratio. Scoring system as per before. We also compare body fat and muscle mass using scientific scales.

3) Audience vote. Scoring as before.

We then add all 3 scores to find the winner.

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MySpace.com - DeadMetal - Aberdeen, UK - Metal - www.myspace.com/deadmetal07

With Dead Metal playing their first headline show in the bar this

evening, wed rather like to see some drunken headbanging down

the front. They take their cues from Anthrax, Black Label Society,

Down, Entombed, Iron Maiden, Kayser, Kyuss, Machine Head,

Meshuggah, Metallica, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Tool.

MySpace.com - Blind Ambition - UK - Rock / Metal / Alternative - www.myspace.com/blindambitionuk

Welsh metallers complete their Scottish tour at The Moorings.

MySpace.com - Stone Fidella - Aberdeen/Inverurie, UK - Rock / Alternative / Blues - www.myspace.com/stonefidella

Theres three of them. They play rock with nods to the Eels,

Motorhead, The Zep, Deep Purple and suchlike.

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MySpace.com - Son Henry - - Blues / Acoustic / Americana - www.myspace.com/sonhenry

A cynical old dog with a lap steel guitar and a volume

addiction, ex-Alaskan Son Henry is a musician that lives and

breathes the blues. The faithful know to turn out in all kinds

of weather so they can be close to the fire generated every

time this man picks up a guitar.

MySpace.com - Dave Arcari - uncompromising alt.blues... - Glasgow, UK - Blues / Acoustic / Alternative - www.myspace.com/davearcari

Slide guitarist and songwriter Dave Arcari is best known as

frontman of alt.blues band Radiotones which has three

internationally-acclaimed albums under it's belt. His hard-

hitting gravel-laden vocals and slashing bottleneck steel

guitar make for an aggressive, dynamic blues-based sound

that owes as much to punk, rockabilly and trash country as

pre-war Delta blues.

MySpace.com - Kitchen Cynics - Aberdeen, UK - Folk / Psychedelic / Experimental - www.myspace.com/kitchencynics

Internationally aclaimed longstanding folk/psych artist from

Aberdeen. One man and his guitar, with song subjects

ranging from sexual deviancy to fair misty maidens (hell

probably stick to the sexual deviancy stuff in The Moorings).

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MySpace.com - J.J.Pearson - INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - Punk / Happy Hardcre / Powerpop - www.myspace.com/jjspenis


MySpace.com - lords of bastard - secret underground base, UK - Rock / Psychedelic / Rock - www.myspace.com/lordsofbastard


nae website yet

Back in 1981 when he was 16, J.J. Pearson joined Dayton,

Ohio's hardcore punkrock band "Toxic Reasons" and toured

the world. But this time round hes touring Europe with his

W.A.D. as a singer and guitarist, bashing out his punk rock

nuggets in Holland, Germany, and The Moorings Bar.

Lords Of Bastard hail from Edinburgh, and their debut album

will be out on SL Records just two days after this gig. So you

can say you saw them before they became famous. If youre

lucky,maybe these psychedelic stoner rockers will have some

advance copies to sell you too.

Local support comes from The Invalids, whore so new they

dont even have a myspace Thats how cutting edge we are.

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