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Best Thing I've Ever Seen on Youtube


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I was going to start a thread for posting funny you tube links. I guess this one will do:

This is painful but funny.

No it won't, this thread is in music discussion. You could start a youtube thread in the comedy forum though.

I got sent that link earlier today. Serves the bam right.

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Sadly (age-wise) I bought that single when it came out (Deram label, I think, although I've probably heaved it since then. I'll check later. I also think I might have once had an album called 'Around the World with Whistling Jack Smith'...I will see if Google backs me up....

just checked...I DID have that album, but don't anymore. However I still have the single ...yay!!!!!

Whilst looking for it 'under W', like a good anal-retentive, I found my Mark Wirtz singles.......

(not a 'real' film, sadly but a cute song).

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Wow, the only thing I can think of that would be better than a Whistling Jack Smith single would be a Whistling Jack Smith album.

However, it seems the dude in the youtube video is an actor rather than Mr Smith himself.

Correct! It was all session musicians..the album was pretty naff, with the single being the best thing on it by a long way.

Roger Whittaker...now there's a man. I liked his version of 'I'm gonna leave old Durham Town'. His take on 'Strawberry Fields Forever' left a bit to be desired though.

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