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Gear for sale in Glasgow! (Big pics!)

Lost Persona

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Could do with shifting some gear, heavy skint!

I'm in the Glasgow area, so thats kinda my mid point unless you want stuff delivered or to get the item in hand, though I WILL travel for the cost of my train fare!

First up, my Shine 7 string.

Flamed maple top in a light sunburst finish - wee bit of a carved/bellied top, 2 humbuckers, 24 fret rosewood neck(bolt on), Grover tuners, Licensed Floyd Rose(Blocked ATM) + hard case.

Its not got many dings on it at all, theres like a literal 3 or 4 and theyre all pretty wee!

Needs a good set up but my luthier mate will settle that, he's already said he'd do a good job on it, so with the sale you can specify brand and gauge of strings and I'll get it set up for the cost of the strings =]







Dunno what I'd be asking to be honest, i'd say in the region of.... 150?

I dont know the model or that of it, theres no serial or anything :S Suppose because its a lower end Korean guitar - go figure.

Tried to find out what it was a while ago, closest I can guess is the Razor Series by Shine (same headstock and general shape).

Also for sale, an original Morley Pro Series wah, not the best but a good wee Wah for metal tones - Think Michael Amott from Arch Enemy. Very limited scoop range, theres a very small bit in the middle of the rocker that gets THE best tone from it, from bassy to midsy to trebley - lovely!


Or am I shooting too high? - I'm just guessing how much they're worth folks, everythings open to haggles or part trades - looking for Geetar and Bass gear.

Probably add more soon. Any questions I'll answer as well as I can - Cheers!


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