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KELTECH Summer Solstice Party - THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

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Hey folks,

Summer Solstice is upon us again!!!!!! The days are starting to get shorter even though we havent seen much of the warm, bright ball in the sky yet!!!!! Boo!!!!

Never mind, to lift all your spirits KELTECH are hosting a free beach party this weekend at Balmedie, yeay!!!!!!!

\Documents and Settings\hx43553\Desktop\KELTECHFLYER1.JPG

\Documents and Settings\hx43553\Desktop\KELTECHFLYER2.JPG


  • Therell be a wee BBQ on Sat night for all you hungry hippos
  • We will have a LIMITED amount of booze for sale, but please, bring as much as you can, running out of booze at a party like this is not an option!!!!


Enter Balmedie beach car park, turn right (facing south towards Aberdeen) and park at the far end of the car park. Follow the wooden path down towards the beach, keep those eyes peeled for balloons and follow their path towards the dof, dof noises of that wonderful bass

If you need any further information just give us a shout!

See you all there!!

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