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VW Passat 2.0L For sale


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Dont know if anyone will be interested in this here, but its worth a try (because gumtree is slow..).

1996 passat

120,000 miles

2 litre 8v engine

Taxed till october

Mot'ed till august

New tyres 2 months ago (yokohamas)

Chav alloys..

Bad Parts;

-2 people have driven into me in the past resulting in a dented door, a slight dent on the boot and a broken towbar.

-lacquer is peeling of in some areas (especially the boot lid)

I will get pictures up tonight. Only after 300 quid or nearest offer!

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fancy a swap?

alreet?just looking at your car,its in canny nick.if you fancy a swap,i have a 96 rover 620 sli auto,taxed till nov,motd till end of december.99,000 miles,just had a new cv joint,wheel bearings,discs and pads all around,new exhaust last dec,4 new tyres.the bad bit is it needs a wing dent pulled out,and the usual rust spots.

giz a p.m if you're interested.



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sorry about that,im a geordie and havent picked up much of the local twang yet,just means its in good condition!nowt criminal,dont worry!cheers for letting me know,mate.

Ohhh! Im not from Aberdeen myself so i thought it was some Aberdonian thing.. And there seems to be a new strange word for something everyday.

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