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His Majesty

stones, bowie, police etc etc multitracks

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Someone has been able to get multitracks, ie seperate channels for various songs via their rock band game!

First of all, download this: Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

You need the audacity player to play the multitracks, cubase, cool edit etc won't work.

Then download multitracks of your favourites from this list:

29fingers.mogg 29fingers.mogg

areyougonnabemygirl.mogg areyougonnabemygirl.mogg

ballroomblitz.mogg ballroomblitz.mogg

blackholesun.mogg blackholesun.mogg

blitzkriegbop.mogg blitzkriegbop.mogg

blooddoll.mogg blooddoll.mogg

brainpower.mogg brainpower.mogg

cantletgo.mogg cantletgo.mogg

celebrityskin.mogg celebrityskin.mogg

cherubrock.mogg cherubrock.mogg

creep.mogg creep.mogg

danicalifornia.mogg cherubrock.mogg

daylatedollarshort.mogg daylatedollarshort.mogg

deadonarrival.mogg deadonarrival.mogg

detroitrockcity.mogg detroitrockcity.mogg

dontfearthereaper.mogg dontfearthereaper.mogg

electricversion.mogg electricversion.mogg

entersandman.mogg entersandman.mogg

epic.mogg epic.mogg

flirtinwithdisaster.mogg flirtinwithdisaster.mogg

foreplaylongtime.mogg foreplaylongtime.mogg

foreplaylongtime_short.mogg foreplaylongtime_short.mogg

gimmeshelter.mogg gimmeshelter.mogg

gowiththeflow.mogg gowiththeflow.mogg

greengrass.mogg greengrass.mogg

greengrass_short.mogg greengrass_short.mogg

hereitgoesagain.mogg hereitgoesagain.mogg

highwaystar.mogg highwaystar.mogg

igetby.mogg igetby.mogg

imsosick.mogg imsosick.mogg

inbloom.mogg inbloom.mogg

ithinkimparanoid.mogg ithinkimparanoid.mogg

learntofly.mogg learntofly.mogg

mainoffender.mogg mainoffender.mogg

maps.mogg maps.mogg

missqueen.mogg missqueen.mogg

nexttoyou.mogg nexttoyou.mogg

nightmare.mogg nightmare.mogg

orangecrush.mogg orangecrush.mogg

outside.mogg outside.mogg

pleasure.mogg pleasure.mogg

reptilia.mogg reptilia.mogg

runtothehills.mogg runtothehills.mogg

sabotage.mogg sabotage.mogg

sayitaintso.mogg sayitaintso.mogg

seven.mogg seven.mogg

shouldistay.mogg shouldistay.mogg

suffragettecity.mogg suffragettecity.mogg

thehandthatfeeds.mogg thehandthatfeeds.mogg

timewehad.mogg timewehad.mogg

timmy.mogg timmy.mogg

tomsawyer.mogg tomsawyer.mogg

trainkeptarollin.mogg trainkeptarollin.mogg

trainkeptarollin_short.mogg trainkeptarollin_short.mogg

vasoline.mogg vasoline.mogg

wanteddeadoralive.mogg wanteddeadoralive.mogg

waveofmutilation.mogg waveofmutilation.mogg

welcomehome.mogg welcomehome.mogg

whenyouwereyoung.mogg whenyouwereyoung.mogg

wontgetfooled.mogg wontgetfooled.mogg

wontgetfooled_short.mogg wontgetfooled_short.mogg


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