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Don Caballero

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Buy these three STRAIGHT away. Go go go;

Don Caballero 2

What Burns Never Returns

American Don

Stay clear of the new Don Cab cos it ain't Don Cab! It's just an outlet for Che to be unbelievably obnoxious.

Details on How to Get Iceman on Your License Plate is, like, totally the best track ever. "bow bow, bow BOW, bow BOW, bow booooow" (terrible interpretation of guitar!).

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just to say the newest don cab album isn't shit and it's worth buying if you like that kind of thing but it's not as good as earlier don caballero stuff. the only original member left is che the drummer who hired what were basically a don cab tribute band to back him. still worth a listen though.

ian williams is indeed in battles and being a damn sight more inventive than the current incarnation of don caballero.

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