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Scream! Shout! Say Nothing

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MySpace.com - Scream! Shout! Say Nothing - NEW SONG & PROFILE! - Herts, UK - Hardcore / Ambient / Screamo - www.myspace.com/screamshoutsaynothing

Check out these guys!

Hitchin-based Scream! Shout! Say Nothing mix the ambient guitars of Explosions In The Sky, driving melodic bass lines of Death Cab For Cutie, dirty riffs of Refused and angular guitar work of Minus The Bear to create a sound like no other.

The band recently recorded EP The Animals Still Run This City with Will Mcgonagle (Hell Is For Heroes, Something For Someone) in Easter and is set for an August release.

Catch them in the 'Deen on 14th July to carry on your T weekender.

Any consrtuctive criticism, opinions etc welcome.

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