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aka-SKA launch new ep 'the exile sessions'


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aka-SKA are a thunderous 10 piece ska tribute band who are gathering a great reputation for their live performances throughout the North East of Scotland. Their residency at Cafe Drummonds has the place packed to the hilt, with ska disciples making their bi-monthly pilgrimage to revel in the appreciation of the ska masters.

Our new ep 'the exile sessions' is available for a decent 4 including postage from myself, please e-mail me and I will ask you to pay through paypal. carmichaeljayne@hotmail.com

Alternatively, you could harass any member of the band that you may be passing in the street, and they will probably have a few copies available for sale on their person.



aka-SKA :: serving quality Ska since 2006

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Good stuff, although it might be an idea to list the tracks on the ep?

Oh yes, good point.

the tracks on the ep are:

1. Geno

2. Nite Kub

3. Turning Japanese

There is also a bonus track available to download from our site in exchange for your email address.

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hi two joe,

we have licence to print 1000 copies, we can sell them at gigs and use them for promotional use. we are not allowed to sell them in retail shops or we'd have to get permission from the artists or publishers and give them their royalties.

the licence is from the mechanical copyright protection society.

the cd is available from chaos creations in the aberdeen market.

just don't tell kevin rowland or he'll be round in drag with his midnight runners to collect their share.:up:

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You guys are a bloody excellent band, but to be honest I don't see much point in buying an EP with 3 covers on it - especially for 4. Nowadays you could probably get a ska compilation with those 3 originals on it for less.

I doubt you'd get ANY ska compilation with Geno and Turning Japanese on it.

4 does seem pretty steep for a 3 track ep though.

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Last time they played Drummonds it was only three shickels tol get in, that included the slightly mental Root Sound System (or whatever they were called) and another support band. So, all in all, I thought 4 was fine. And Iain has since emailed me the other two tracks. Sorted.

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R.E ... The Kernal loaf

They are a local band just trying to get themselves heard and make a bit of cash to fund the freebies the give away at gigs (badges etc). I imagine with 10 of them in the band there gigs dont pay very well.

An E.p usualy only has a small number of tracks on it in the first place, thats why its not an album, and if you read through ths an extra track is available to download after buying the ep.

To be honest, if you really grudge 4 to a band you have already said are "bloody brilliant" then you are a hypocrite ..

All the best though !


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