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David Davis Resigns

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a labour spokesman has suggested that they might not field a candidate against him. that would be a genius move as it would render the whole exercise completely pointless on davis' part. the guy's got a pretty big majority in his constituency and labour have no chance in that neck of the woods anyway so it's a pretty lame protest from davis anyway.

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With the Lib Dems not standing (due to them supporting Davis on this issue) if Labour did not put a candidate forward it would eb a highly surreal by-election with Davis fighting against a couple of minority parties. However i think the odds are that Labour will stand.

It's very strange and as people say it isn't really a huge gamble (on his seat anyway, his chances of getting back in the shadow cabinet are in more doubt), I do feel though that he is doign it because he is genuinely passionate about this issue and not only as a stunt. It's just a shame a few more Labour MP's didn't take a stand last night.

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