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I think one of them (ifg there is more than one) is the end of the game.

And to be honest, I would definetely enjoy it, since Metal Gear Solid plays out like a whole movie.

Yeah, totally agreed. There is no way that it wouldn't add to the whole depth and character of the series.

I'm trying to decide whether to buy this or GTA IV :down:

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I bought a PS3 especially for this game.

I'm a fool.

It sucks monkey balls.

I feel like i have been watching it forever and yet only played it for 20 minutes.

This game broke me. I have lost the will to live. I hate games now!

I'm crawling back to my Xbox360 in the hope it will forgive me for abandoning.

Don't misunderstand im not an M$ fanboy. I love the PS3.

But MGS4 can bite me!

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