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Drummer free and looking:-)


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Drummer Free

Im into and can play most music. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Funk. Just on here to try and get involved with something musical over the summer. Hopfully get a band together in order to play gigs around Aberdeen/Scotland etc. Get in touch if your interested. Im into lots of music really - at the moment im listening to alot of Porcupine Tree (my new fav band and gavin Harrison is a god!!) and Joe Satrani. But im into everything except maybe country and folk etc. But i really need good musicains who can play their instriment as ive been playing since i was 5 and im not a beginer lol. Benn tought by some of the best - Steve White and Gregg Bisonett. Get in touch if your interested in starting something.


Duncan (Drummerboy)



MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/155855709

Duncan Stewart <passport2>

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