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Element gig.


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get wifebeater on this please.

I fancy catching Element to dispel earlier memories, so Ill come up for this one/night out

Sounds good! Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!

Would be good to catch up with you Maxi.

Hope you see an improvement....couldn't get much worse tbh.

I know, I'm masking your sound now :laughing::p

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
hmmmmm Metal from Shetland? They any good? Canna actually be bothered going and checking myself!! I should be at this one actually. Heckle-ahoy!!!

Last time SPD gigged with a Shelty metal band was a hoot. Sign Red, I think it was. At the end the guitarist started writhing about on the floor, threw down his guitar and ran outta Drake's. He may or may not have thrown himself in the harbour in a staged emocide.


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