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oh my christ the blonde one from big brother is very hot

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She does have nice breasts...but...a strange face?

Somethings not right with her face.

Yes, a face completely unsullied by thought.

A slack-jawed moronic munter for a increasingly slack-jawed moronic nation.

I still can't believe that pointless shit is still occupying the airwaves.

Anyway, I guess I'm just jealous - I wish I had precious time to fritter away sitting in the house, watching a program about folks....sitting in a house.

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bad underbite, troll teeth, acne ridden forehead and a bulbous nose

Yes, we know about JJ, but what do you think about the blonde one off Big Brother?


I've been too busy to see any of this year's Big Brother. :up:

But also too busy to see any of Euro 2008. :down:

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This particular retard is Stephanie.

19 Year old Scouser maths and economics student. (Not after this show I guess.)

She's attracted to "fit, tall, dark and rich men" and once dated BB6 winner Anthony Hutton.

Stephanie likes playing poker and chess, and takes her "trendy" nan to the bingo. She says she wants to do Big Brother to earn a quick buck and invest it, and wants to be the most famous contestant ever.

She appeared on Popstars the rivals at the tender age of 13. (But lied about being 16). Therefore was forced to leave the show and then missed the chance to become a member of girls aloud.

She plays guitar in her band 'The Minky Minks'.

It's amazing the shite you can find on the net.

I bet she just gets her tits out for Nuts and appears on a couple of Big Brother related shows like Sunday night project.... big brother edition and other such shit.

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Guess she has faced some pretty stiff competition in recent years.


Jade Goody's Official Website - Homepage

Quotes Jade... "I've also been told I should do a blog, whatever that is. And a few friends said I should get on Facebook so people could poke me. I told them I'm not that kind of girl."

No, you're the kind of girl that gets your fanny out on national telly, sparks an international racism debate and thinks "East Angular" is somewhere abroad.

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