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The Larry Sanders Show


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One of the best shows ever. Watched them all on Paramount Comedy at 1am while a student (not great for 9am lectures), then again when ITV2 repeated them a few years ago. Hank is a legend.

Ha yeah! Hank Kingsley is possibly the greatest comedy character ever...surely a template for Gareth in The Office. For anyone who doesn't know, he was played by Jeffrey Tambor, who went onto play the father in the Bluth fambly in 'Arrested Development'. And his assistant, Darlene I think, was fuckin smokin hot.

Love from Christy

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especially the sight-gag at the end

Remind me.

Other Hank classics include the one where he is starting up his own cabaret show "What comes up/must come down.", the one where he's shagging some 70 year old sex therapist and the one where he hosts the show for the night and starts to think he's ace.

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