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Lower Than Atlantis / Out At Sea / Buried In Vegas / Sunset Squad @ Drummonds

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Nitrogen Promotions Present

Lower Than Atlantis - www.myspace.com/lowerthanatlantis

Having played Aberdeen earlier this year, Lower Than Atlantis are back in support of their EP "Bretton", which is being released through Smalltown Records this summer. They are touring their breed of hardcore in the vein of Gallows up and down the country all summer long. Be sure to catch them cos they won't be back in the 'Deen for a long while.

Out At Sea - http://www.myspace.com/outatseauk

Aberdeen's very own Screamo upstarts

Buried In Vegas - http://www.myspace.com/buriedinvegas

Hardcore/Death Metal hybrid from the Granite City - For fans of Bleed From Within

Sunset Squad - http://www.myspace.com/sunsetsquadband

fast, melodic hardcore with big breakdowns from Tayside


Doors: 7:30pm

Tax: 4

Poster coming soon

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Lower Than Atlantis have pulled out. Their van is fooked. Twisted Felony have replaced them.

Out At Sea have pulled out also. I'm finding a replacement as I type.

Price will be reduced to 3

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Guest treader.

i missed this because i was to busy at home NOT watching the fkn footie.

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