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Edinburgh Festival


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Anyone going? Been? Got any recommendations?

Im heading down for a weekend nearer the end of the festival, picked up tickets for Henry Rollins (my choice) and Jimmy Carr (not my choice) already but was hoping to catch a few less known acts while wandering about during the day.......

The Edge Festival (T on the Fringe) is weak as fuck at the mo.

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<gratuitous plug for own gig>There's a show called 'This Show Won't Make You Smarter But It Will Make You Laugh' at the Mercat at 7.30pm</gratuitous plug for own gig>

It should be good, and it's free.

I'm going to be down for the whole festival and probably doing some radio stuff. Let me know if you're coming down to play.

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hey yeh

get to as many free events & use the box office in princess street for ticket offers which change quite a lot during the day. also pre buy the things you really want to see, but keep lots of gaps for the unexpected & keep your eyes peeled for the broad press reviews

edinburgh festival is superb & never fails to surprise & delight


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Yup, there are also usually various free tickets given away at the ticket office (I used to go to the one near St Giles), get the Scotsman every morning for a list of what is on offer. The good ones tend go fast & early.

Some of the smaller shows have been known to use free food & booze as a lure to get you in. Useful!

The Pleasance courtyard used to be a good place to watch for celebs & get youreslf on TV, or to pick-up free tickets for televised events, do vox-pops etc.

Dunno if it will be the same this year as IIRC, the plesance has gone-in with this new comedy festival thing. The media will be quartered somewhere central, all you need do is find it. :)

The "Chocolate Soup" on Hunter Square is a good place to watch the world go by - With hot chocolate to die for! :D

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I went last summer and had a great time, the atmosphere is just amazing. Everyone is friendly and enthusiastic about what they're doing. Get chatting with some of the folk giving out flyers and they have been known to scribble 'two for one' on the flyer for you.

The Pleasance Courtyard is ace, I saw Dave Benson Phillips (yus, him of Get Your Own Back fame) eating a hotdog. Winner.

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