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"Aberdeen's Finest Fems"


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I feel i had to copy and paste this comment:

"No Sarah remember it used to be

We are the Northfield girls, we wear our hair in curls, we wear our dungerees below our SEXY knees, we do not smoke our drink, thats what our father thinks and when it comes to boys we throw away our toys.

de dd de di di di, de dd de di di di, doo doo di di di, doo do do di.

He gave me 50p, to go behind the tree, he counted one, two three, then stuck it into me,

de dd de di di di. de dd de di di di, doo doo di di di, doo do do di,

My mother was suprised to see my belly rise, my father hit the roof it was a baby poof.

Fuckin hell thats mad I cant believe i remember that song.

Brings back memories

love ya xx"

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Is this some kind of joke?

Is there a special course that these hounds go on to make themselves look as cheap as humanly possible? The University of Stand Up & Tan perhaps?

From the quick look I had, the only positive thing I can say is that the poker-faced one called "Natz" has a decent pair of pins.

Did anyone check the photos of their guys? - neanderthals the lot.

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Enforced homosexuality after 300 days on a pirate ship has never looked so appealing.

it's the photos of babies on the wall...and a stroller behind her...

I guess "babie's at grannies tonight me-hearty"....let's mak anithir ain min.

do you think those trophies are for cock juggling by any chance?

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I hate people like this. Girls who are up their own arses and think they are gods gift to men, even when they are munters. Even if they are quite nice, nothing turns me off more than a girl who thinks she is "it". And it's usually neds who reply to these profiles..."aye ur wel fit ken"

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