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Band Name Game

Guest treader.

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Guest treader.

Dont know if this has been posted before but i cant see it anywhere:

Anyways, the aim of the game is to make as long a band name from mulitple bands. the last word of each band is the first word of a new band.

i.e From Autumn to Ashes of Pale Horse the Band

From Autumn to Ashes

Ashes of Pale (Inverness area band, but it works, so whatever)


Horse The Band


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Guest treader.

linkin park way drive blind boys of alabama three six mafia

linkin park

parkway drive


blind boys of alabama

alabama 3

three six mafia

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surely incorporating that trail of the dead band would win this game

damn it, i'm trying to do that just now but the best i can come up with is:

and you will know us by the trail of dead kennedy soundtrack or

and you will know us by the trail of dead can dance

which is a bit shit cause i get stuck from there.

you could of course also try and use meanwhile, back in communist russia or the band and none of them knew they were robots but try finding any bands that start with robots or russia. bah.

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Guest treader.

that's cheating though. Fire is the last word therefore the first word of the next band.

don't worry, i had though that one over as well.

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I came up with these:

Rage Against The Machine Head Planet Earth

(Rage Against The Machine,

Machine Head,

Head Planet Earth)

Be Your Own Pet Shop Boys George Harrison

(Be Your Own Pet

Pet Shop Boys,

Boy George,

George Harrison)

Other than that, I can only do "two's". Maybe somebody with more brains and time can expand on these:

Scissor Sisters Of Mercy

Ben Folds Five Star

Hookers Green Day

Napalm Death In Vegas

Barry White Stripes

Thirty Seconds To Mars Volta

Peeping Tom Waits

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And And! And you will know us by the trail of the dead kennendy soundtrack of our lives in stereo killer taco band of horses.

And And! And (from the commitments)

and you will know us by te trail of the dead

dead kennedys

kennedy soundtrack

soundtrack of our lives

our lives in stero

stero killer

killer taco band

band of horses

a few half cheats in there, including using a fictional band from a film/book

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Public Enemy You Me & The Atom Bomb Squad Car Jack & John Specer Blues Explosions In The Sky Walker and Son of Dork

Public Enemy

Enemy You

You Me and the Atom Bomb

Bomb Squad

Squad Car

Car Jack

Jack & John

John Spencer Blues Explosion

Explosions In The Sky

Sky Walker

Walker and Son

Son Of Dork

I cheated a little bit with the word Explosions, and I included two of my old, old bands (Squad Car which changed its name to Bomb Squad because there's a European Ska Band called The Squad Cars. It was a shit name anyway)

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