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Couple of cheap (ish) guitars for sale


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I'm selling a couple of my lesser guitars.


This is a rather fine looking tele copy in perfect working order. Two Kent Armstrong pickups, a good twang to it. Never gigged, no dings. it caught my eye on ebay a couple of years ago so I nabbed it and although it doesn't compare to my 'proper' guitars it is nonetheless a fine guitar which looks beautiful. Oil finish, single chunk of ash body.

I'm looking for around 100 for it. They sell new on ebay for circa 240.

This one...


...is a fake strat I put together from various bits. The body is from an old ('70's I think) Jim Deacon strat copy and is a fine piece of wood. Nice colour too. A good few dings on it, let's callit a relic, eh! The neck on the Deacon wasn't up to much so I got one from ebay and it's straight and true. Slightly flatter radius than usual and with medium jumbo frets. Of course no fake Fender is complete without a fake decal. :) it's also completely shielded (that's an 8 hour job right there) so none of those nasty hums in front of monitors or under stage lights.

Again circa 100 for that one. It was basically a fun project to while away a few too many winter hours.

I'd probably hang on to them for sentimental reasons if I had more space but with over *number deleted due to obsessive embarrassment* guitars my collection is becoming a tad unmanageable.


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