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singer looking to join or form experimental/rock band

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Female singer looking to join or form a band, i play guitar too but vocals is my prefered thing. I'm looking for people who are interested in making something different to whats out there right now.

I'm not a writer so could do with one of those.

I'm 16 at the moment but will be turning 18 next july meaning with enough preparation gigging would be no problem. I'd like people around my age, no older than 23.

Influences/Music i'm into:

We are scientists


kaiser chiefs

green day


some slipknot

some nine inch nails

tenacious d

guns n roses

franz ferdinand

art brut

30 seconds to mars


theres a whole pile more as well


My e-mail is plant_a_man_grow_your_own_dope@hotmail.com or you can just reply here:up:

Theres also moere info on my myspace which is MySpace.com - .....yes??.... - 18 - Female - Aberdeen, UK - www.myspace.com/emzgray91

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sending you an email now, dunno if you would be interested or not but i was trying to get a from first to laststyle thing goin, with some heavy riffs, fast drums and some perticularly different vocals, if your up for it let me know ill give youa buzz back

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