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band needed for thursday night in dundee

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I require a band to play on Thursday night at the Balcony Bar in Dundee with They Died too Young & Archives on Thursday night due to some call off's.

I cant offer a lot in the way of money, but should be able to cover fuel costs.

MySpace.com - THEY DIED TOO YOUNG - Read our blog please.. - London, UK - Rock / Progressive / Punk - www.myspace.com/theydiedtooyoung

MySpace.com - Archives - Dundee, UK - Rock / Screamo / Jam Band - www.myspace.com/archivesuk

it would be helpful if you were able to compliment the bill in some way.

You can use our cabs, drumkit and my bass head (only because Im desperate!) however, you should be able to bring your own guitar head

get in touch at s.a.maxwell@dundee.ac.uk or on here


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Guest Jake Wifebeater


I'll check with the other Wifebeaters?


It's a no-can-do due to work commitments...

not :up:

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