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Pioneer CDJs for Sale - one careful lady-owner

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I'm selling my CDJs because I'm using Traktor with controllers now, so have no need for them.

They are in excellent condition. They have mostly been used at home, and on the very few occasions (no more than 10 times) that they have been used in a club, it has been during the smoking ban, and only by myself and Darryl. In other words they have been very well looked after :)

I have the original boxes, and manuals for the CDJs, along with a memory card for the 1000, which you can have if you buy that CDJ.

In addition I also have for sale:

A hard KAM case for the 1000 (with a panel that flips down to allow you to use the CDJ whilst it's still in the case).

A Spacetek stand (specifically for the 1000, so it has a hole to access the memory card).

380 for the CDJ800 MK 2

550 for the CDJ1000 MK 2 (includes memory card)

50 for the KAM case

130 for the Spacetek Stand(image below)


PM me with any questions, or to arrange purchase.

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