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Zebrahead @ Moshulu. This Thursday!!!!

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Pop Punk legends Zebrahead are doing a one-off totally fluke gig in Aberdeen on Thursday!!! Their live show is amazing and bounce-tastic! For fans that like Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, MxPx, Unwritten Law etc

They've got tons of catchy & famous songs that have been featured on loads of film soundtracts (Idle Hands / Dude Where's My car / Little Nicky) and Computer Games (Tony Hawks 3 / Smackdown Vs Raw - inc. Maria's current entrance music!! / Fast and the furious / Sonic The hedgehog!!!!!!)

Tickets on the door are 8.50 but you can get them from us for 4.50!!! - PM to get some

YouTube - zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year


Local support is from the Hi-Jacks and Onion Terror. They may also have one tour support.

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Damn, I'd definitely have gone to this had I known about it in advance. :<

I wouldn't worry about it - they were truly apalling!

The singer / guitarist was singing out of tune the entire gig. It was cringeworthy.

The singer is an irritating twat. Hey we're not all in the middle of exams, Junior.

The bassist had one gag about puking on his dick while wanking that raised a mild titter at best the first time. The scond time it was irritating. the third time. ... You get the idea.

They acted like the place was heaving - It clearly wasn't.

Every song sounded pretty much exactly the same.

The final straw was the bit at the end when they all started talking over each other and milked it for a rude amount of time.

I could go on but i suppose it was only 4.50 and it got me out for a couple o pints. Maybe I'm getting too old for the incessantly happy pop punk nonsense nowadays.

Only plus point was the drummer who stood in and learned the entire set on an iPod on the flight. He was an amzing drummer indeed: obvisouly made even better by the fact he learned the songs so quick. Seriously good drummage. Blast beats n' athing.

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