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2008/2009 Season Thread


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Can we get that linesman when we play Rangers next? :love:

Will there be a week without ref/linesman controversy this season?

Highly unlikely... Especially when the Old Firm are involved!

There was me thinking there could have been a 5 point gap (potential Old Firm win) at this stage of the season, but not with Celtic winning today... Will just make next week more exciting!! Eeeeeeeeek.

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Ayr could have been sitting at the top of the table 2 points clear if it wasn't for that penalty. 2 goals from Prunty in the first fifteen minutes as well, and apparently hit the bar twice, definitely signing of the season so far.

I'll still happily take joint-top at the moment, promotion doesn't seem anywhere near as distant as it did last season. I'm actually starting to think if Prunty and Stevenson are both on form on Wednesday, we might have a bit of an outside chance in the cup game against Aberdeen.

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Darren Dods heading back to ICT? You heard it here first...

The two clubs have agreed a loan move, but he'd prefer a permanent deal with the chance to become a coach at the end of his contract. Something should be confirmed by Tuesday...

Would be quite chuffed to see The Machine back up here, but only as a replacement for Phil McGuire. Jamie Duff and Grant Munro should be the club's centre halves for years to come.

Pleased enough with a draw against Hibs yesterday. Should've seen the game off by half time to be honest; as we were under the kosh in the 2nd half. Good performances from Barrowman and Rooney upfront, despite not scoring. Wonder if we'll go back to 4-5-1 next week against Falkirk?

League Cup games this week :love:

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glebe park is a fucking dump, go ruin em plz thx

ps. scotty anson scored a great goal on saturday and looked very lively

Oh, we intend to - now that St. Murn have set the standard :up:

Good stuff on Anson - I'll be keeping an eye on him, especially as we screwed the pooch on Andy Barrowman by letting him go too early. He's doing really well for ICT.

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maybury, maybury, maybury.

he was good, but he did a lot of dicking around there over summer... but i think i'd take him back...

aberdeen with TWO decent fullbacks? imagine!

(aberdeen to win 4-1 tonight, you heard it here first)

Maybury is a good player, so aye. But he'd have to do a lot to win over some fans....he didnae make himself too popular with his ummming and aaahing this summer.

4-1? With Bebo and Mackie as our strike partnership? I fear the worst...any win will do tonight.

Love from Christy

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Guest Jake Wifebeater

Mixed bag over the past few days:

Dunfermline 0-0 Airdrie

Then last night:

Dunfermline 1-0 Alloa

Kirk does it again...

Some bad news from last night:

Nordsjaellend 2-1 The First Division Team Who Lasted Longer Than The Huns In Europe

TFDTWLLTTHIE were good value until they got knackered towards the end, cue the "glorious failure" cliches...

Some :up:, some not :up:

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