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Heavy hardcore band anyone?

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Im lookin to see if anyone is interested in starting a band, or needs a vocalist for a hardcore band. Im somewhat new to Aberdeen(2 years) so I dont really know many people into my kinda music. I work offshore, so i dont really know when i am home and not, so i cant commit to people who are wanting 3 practises a week kinda thing, but if you wanna play music regardless, let me know. My influences are stuff like the acacia strain, bury your dead, emmure, eternal lord, that sorta stuff, just heavy hardcore i guess. Pig squeel shit is cool, like waking the cadaver and despised icon stuff. I play guitar, but would prefer to do vocals as i do have a guitar but no amp and all, i play downtuned to drop A#, as its heavy as fuck and sounds pretty rad. i have my own personal project called JOHNNY DEEP. you can check it out at MySpace.com - JOHNNY DEEP - Aberdeen, Scotland - Hardcore / Death Metal / Crunk - www.myspace.com/xjohnnydeepx and youll kinda get what im into playing. message me via myspace or rad_sk8er@msn.com


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