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Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Sue Denim..

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Yas, I love Eurovision. Me and Bob had a Eurovision party at his house last year. Just two guys, 24 gay songs and a big bottle of Jack Daniels. What better way to spend a Saturday night?

I also love eurovision (we have them all on tape from 1981 to present except 1984 for some reason).

Unfortunately won't be watching this one as i will be out watching your bloody band.

You better have some good dance routines.

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Guest Giles Walker

Eurovision Time!!

It's Eurovision time again guys!

I am not really a very big fan of it to be honest but having heard Sebastian Tellier's 'Divine' song, produced by none other than Daft Punk and being entered by France this year i might watch just to see how it does.

It sounds like The Beach Boys produced by Daft Punk and i would go as far as to say i actually quite like it.

Certainly more than Ireland's effort this year.

I think it is a joke but i don't think many people will be laughing....

Irlande Nil Pointe

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