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advertising pillars help


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ok. so im stuck. i cant find anything that tells me how much it costs to advertise on them.

im trying to add it to a marketing plan im doing for uni. but i dont live in aberdeen and cant get to the pillar to find a number or who owns them to ask.

can anyone help?? asap please

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that site doesnt seem to mention that it works with Aberdeen council though?

ive looked at the other threads on here but its just people saying "yeah it costs 5 a poster per week" or "its 35 a week"

but i need a credible source for my report. not just "some bloke on a web forum says its only a fiver"

An incredibly simple Google search showed this Continental-style advertising pillars installed in Aberdeen

which mentions said company.

If you need a credible source, and not someone on a web forum, maybe asking on a...web forum wasn't the best of ideas?

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eh ive found that web page days ago but searching for the company and man in mention brought me no results. it didnt appear to be the same company as you gave me the link for. it only mentions councils in england

im asking on here cause as i said i dont live in Aberdeen so cant get to one to find the number thats on the side.

i wasnt asking if anyone knew how much it was, im askign if anyone knows the company number or address so i can get a reliable source.

why are so many people on this thing so hostile these days?

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ok so although that company's site does not mention aberdeen they are the company.

and for anyone else who wants to know:

Hi Catherine, Thank you for the enquiry into public information pillars.

We offer 3 different size posters, A3, A2 and full size which is 7 foot by 3foot.

Normally all events posters are either A3 or A2. The costs of these postersare: A3 posters 3.00 per poster per pillar per week and A2 are 6.00 perposter per pillar per week.

All you need to do is provide our maintenance man in Aberdeen with yourposters and he will display the poster in the pillars of your choice(subject to availability.)We have 9 pillars in total, Belmont Street, St.Nicholas Street, Broad Street, George Street, Chapel Street, Justice MillLane, Langstane Place, West North Street and Guild Street. All of ourpillars are strategically placed in high footfall areas for maximumexposure.

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