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New wave......??

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wondering if anyone is into getting something on the go, bit of new wave rivavalist..... thinking Wire (circa 154, IBTABA) Killing Joke (circa Night time) U2 (circa Boy) 7 Seconds (circa Soulforce Revolution) ...uhm, thats about as much new wave as i listen to..

I play guitar and can do vocals...but it doesn't take long before my vocals scare off band members and audiences...need a solid rythym unit, someone who can do that big 80's drum sound...solid as a linn drum....and a bass player who can finger pick away some great riffs....maybe a vocallist too, but thats not as important at this stage as finding some good band members....just looking to make some noise just now, but it would have to be a serious band.....no gimmicks or irony or cheese....anyone? :popcorn:

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