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Andy Mulhern

[GIG] Vocoustics: Mia Riddle + Davie Lawson + Delawair @ The Tunnels

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Vocoustics 50th Show:

Mia Riddle + Davie Lawson + Delawair

Wednesday 28th May

The Tunnels

3 from 8pm


MySpace.com - Mia Riddle - BROOKLYN, New York - Indie - www.myspace.com/miariddle


From Brooklyn, New York, Mia Riddle is a spellbinding trip into indie-country bliss.

Intellectual, charming, romantic and wistful songs delivered with a spine-tingling honeycomb voice which breathes a kind of fractured delicacy resting on a well-worn core of steel. Sweet dreamy Americana tunes of contradictory melancholy; a gem full of dark mystery and beauty; a sweet emotional alt-country storm that stabs kindly at the heart.

First full-length album "Tumble and Drag" to be released very soon and hopefully available at the gig.

"...a voice to die for." (Last Hours Magazine, London)

A standout act with a bright future, Mia Riddle and Her Band are stars in the making. (LVHRD Magazine, NYC)

"remarkably intellectual... not a single track should be passed up... as good as it gets. (The Owl Mag, SF)






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aye... a bit like an addiction....

...that's more expensive than smack

As an aside, this should be a good gig.

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And you know what else? The ticket was free! Mwahahaha!

soooo back to the gig......

Mia will be playing this gig between opening the Glasgow Americana Festival tonight and a session with Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2 in London on Thursday. :up:

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Guest idol_wild

I haven't decided on what to do just yet. I could come down to The Tunnels and flit between both gigs, but I'm not too flush just now.

If I'm there, I'm there :)

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