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The Ghost Of Fudge

[GIG] Baccus + Johnny Skyscraper + Prehistoric Pyromaniacs + Thrashist Regime

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These guys were absolutely brilliant last year, so theyre back!

We are the only punk band in Shetland so that makes us the

United Kingdoms most northerly punk band. We took our

influences from the old punk bands, like the Anti-Nowhere

League, the English Dogs and the Ramones.


They just won Worst Band In Aberdeen 2008 at Fudges

Aberdeen Music Awards! Come along and find out why!


They sound like, being naked whilst running through a bed of

nettles, and are influenced by thrash, beer, and punk. Think

NOFX without the reggae, and youll have an idea...


Formed at the dark end of 2007, Thrashist Regime will slay your

babies, pwn j0r m0m and generally hit you like a hard, fast

sledgehammer. Words foo's!! This supergroup features Joe Atom

and Dan The Moorings' Wookie, so they're bound to be great.

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