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Bass player needed..

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For experienced indie/rock band Dr Flaw.

Our bass player has left the band due to other commitments and we are looking for a new bass player who shares our influences. They include Biffy Clyro, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Idlewild ......along that sort of lines.

Please check out some of our music on bebo and get back to me if interested.

Dr Flaw <drflawmusic>

Many thanks,


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Alright man,

I had a listen to some of your tunes and im DEFINETLY interested.

My names Lenny, been playin bass for over 11 years, played at Lemon Tree & Tunnels before so used to playin live. Im pretty quick at pickin up new tunes, got a good "ear" for music. Influences are pretty close and into the same type of bands, lookin to play that kind of style.

If you wanna jam some time id be up for it. Give me a shout on stuartledingham@hotmail.com or lenny316@bebo.com - 07976390516



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