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compaq iPAQ - taking them apart


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Has anyone got any good links / sites for taking apart old pocket PC's and using their screens / motherboards for "other" purposes?

I've got 14 or so of them (iPAQ H3600)...and I want to turn them into display screens for a video installation (or something)...

anyone got any ideas?

I've tried searches for "iPAQ cracks" "iPAQ dissasemble" "iPAQ customization" etc...but they all seem to point to "standard" fixing of iPAQs...

some proper circuit bending would be good...

any takers?

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if you found 2 more, you could probably link up the serial ports to a common interface and use them as a 4x4 array. With the cases off, maybe the screens could be detached far enough from the mainboard to have them all mounted really close together and act as 1 display if you wrote some software to control them. Do post the results of what you come up with though.

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