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Captain toms or musical vision


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  • 2 years later...

Captain Toms! We're in the midst of doing an album and Paul Emmerson has added some of his fairy dust and its sounding really good.

We've done three albums at Toms and this one is sounding streets better than the other two.

They've been using Logic at Toms for a while now.

Paul just keeps getting better and better, and he really cares about what goes out!

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I've only recorded at Tom's once, and I was fourteen or thereabouts. I'd suggest getting in touch with Iain from Bedford Recordings - if I was looking to record in Aberdeen I'd go to him first, without a doubt. I'm fairly sure his email address was listed in a similar thread to this.


Bedford Records



Iain recorded the Deportees tracks which can be heard here: The Deportees

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Is MV still doing recording?

I only ask because we jammed there a few weeks ago and we were in the "control centre" room, all the recording gear had been removed from there.

I asked Andy this a few weeks ago and apparently they still do recordings. Although I can't remember the ins and outs I think the control room is still used as that as well as a rehearsal space. They also seem to be building some sort of pod in the main reception bitty?

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We have half a dozen tunes up from last year : Myspace

Also did another few last month but haven't got them online yet. They've started booking the bands into the control room now so that they don't keep losing money from bands cancelling and leaving them with vacant rehearsal rooms!

Andy does a good deal for bands which regularly rehearse there, 125 for 8hours recording time, and he'll mix it for you...would cost a little more for bands coming in for the first time I guess.

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