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Battlestar Galactica series 4; so who is that final Cylon

Pierre Von Mondragon

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AKA Oh My Gods, they killed Cally, You Frakkers.

Well its into the final straight, assuming they don't bloody split it into 2 parts, and all over the world literally dozens of people are consumed by the question, who is the final Cylon, and what are they up to. Its set up to look like Starbuck, but that is way too obvious, unless it is some quadruple bluff. On one forum a guy is winding his mate in Iraq (unable to freestream episodes, and unwilling to look at spoilers)up that the final model has been revealed as Hot Dog, now that is just cruel, but guesses range from Apollo to Doc Cottle (its the fags he smokes, Cylon lungs would be self-healing). Any guesses/amusing speculation/rants about the whole thing.

The killing of Cally just proves that all Torys are bastards.

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