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booking: These Monsters / Wintermute UK tour!


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yo hows it going?

we're trying to book a tour in May. we just need May 23rd and 27th to complete it, if you know anyone that might be interested in putting on These Monsters and Wintermute on let us know!



so far its


May 21st

NEWCASTLE - These Monsters + Wintermute @ The Head of Steam


GLASGOW - These Monsters + Wintermute @ 13th Note




WREXHAM - These Monsters + Wintermute @ The Old Swan


LINCOLN - These Monsters, Wintermute, Year of the Man (all dayer!) @ The Horse and Groom


SHEFFIELD - early show! 4pm ish... - These Monsters + with Wintermute @ West Street Live


DERBY - These Monsters + Wintermute @ The Mist




NOTTINGHAM - These Monsters + Wintermute + Adam S Kirkup & more tbc @ Junktion 7


OXFORD - These Monsters + Wintermute @ Cellar Bar


BOURNEMOUTH - These Monsters + Wintermute @ The Gander


LONDON - These Monsters + Wintermute + YouMeTheSwitch + And So I Watch You From Afar @ The Metro, 19-23 Oxford Street


"...the whole thing's held together by some of the jerkiest guitar work this side of a Jade Tree compilation."

Drowned in Sound

"A curious combo of At The Drive-In and Interpol, splashed with a bit of Foals-ian mathletics, tight and adventurous, Wintermute are cool."

NME.COM - The world's fastest music news service, music videos, interviews, photos and free stuff to win

"...smart as a button in a nerd rock style and stomping out some very precise, upright indie pop.... Morphic pop in motion."

Sandman Magazine

"...punchy and pop-infected, akin to The Futureheads poising notes at sharper angles. Ditch the doubts at the door: expect to be impressed."

Rock Sound

"Wintermute performed with great passion and determination and kept their audience engaged throughout their entire set.....Delicate guitar parts and stomping drum beats fuse together to produce a sound that is richly powerful..."

themusicguruonline.co.uk - Home

"...a bright, driving set of superbly well-rehearsed songs packed with nimble staccato riffs and power-surging bass lines."

Whisperin'&Hollerin' CD Reviews

"With some bands you can hear them straining to find the right sound... but Wintermute have the ideas and, importantly, the ability to put their ideas into practice."

Vibrations Magazine

"...steeped in intensity and emotion... a well of talent and creativity that points to a bright future."

High Voltage::Quality Music Nights

"...in the art of great alternative rock, Wintermute are definitely showing the potential to create their own interpretation on such an art form."

Room Thirteen - Where Music Rocks

"To come out with something this good so early is just brilliant. Imagine what they could do in the future. Could be huge."


MySpace.com - Wintermute - Free download-drowned in sound 24/04 - Leeds, UK - Alternative - www.myspace.com/wintermuteband

These Monsters

"Time has frozen as witnesses halt in their tracks, intoxicated by the heady miasma of jazz-post-rock resonance both comforting and devestating."

The Fly Magazine

"Over and over These Monsters deliver a crashing landscape of deft intensity and unparalleled creativity. As far as debut releases go, few are as stunning or ambitious as These Monsters. Im hard pressed to align These Monsters with another UK band, because frankly there arent any other UK artists Ive heard doing anything remotely similar. In that aspect, they join the ranks of 65 Days of Static and Blueneck for outright creativity."

Decoy Music Magazine

"Im going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of the most promising bands in the instrumental arena. If These Monsters can pull together a debut album with anything close to the vision, idea and musicianship as this EP, they will definitely become the U.Ks answer to Explosions in the Sky."

The Silent Ballet

"Up next, these monsters are simply amazing. The five-piece make instrumental blunderbusses of songs that would give Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Mogwai nightmares. The doom-laden riffs and drummer Tommys relentless assault on his kit are at once brutal and strangely pretty, whilst the rousing saxophone adds a perverse showtune element to proceedings - a vicious, energetic and loud-enough-to-be-pornographic live show."

Sandman Magazine

"During the middle of the set I take a casual glance around the packed room to notice that not one person is talking, all eyes on the band and all jaws on the floor."


MySpace.com - these monsters... - LS6, UK - Rock / Ambient / Big Beat - www.myspace.com/thesemonsters

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as mentioned on ugs, glasgow to abdn to wrexham is no mean feat

still, if anyone is into post rock and would like to see it done well as opposed to all of the rubbish, poorly executed clones that are arond these days then these monsters are well worth a shout. powerful as fuck, interesting drums and really nice addition of sax without being novelty or wanky

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23rd of May is when Futureheads are at Moshulu and Stars of the Lid at Tunnels so there would be no crowd at all. Both bands are great and I would be up for doing it myself if it was later in the year.

It would be awesome to see them on the same bill as Futureheads but I doubt that will happen :(

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Well i just got back from the Glasgow show. Hard Work Promotions never showed up and gave them no reason, totally fucked them. The gig was made free entry and they got paid nothing.

Saying this, both bands were great. Especially Wintermute. I bought a vinyl from each band. The These Monsters EP is rather sexy. 12 inch white vinyl.

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