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Tennents Mutual


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This sounds very interesting. Certainly can put an end to all the people moaning about no good bands etc...

"TENNENT'S INCITES NEW LIVE MUSIC REVOLUTION WITH THE TENNENT'S MUTUAL. Music fans are today being offered the groundbreaking opportunity torevolutionise Scotland's gigging agenda themselves, with a brand newventure: The Tennent's Mutual. It sees Tennent's hand over 150 thousand pounds to the nation's musiclovers with a view to them collectively devising and programming aseries of live shows in October / November 2008. Anyone who signs upas a founder member (via The Tennent's Mutual: Create, Control, Enjoy.) will have a say indictating the artists booked, locations played, venues used even howmuch is paid for tickets. The Tennent's Mutual is a not-for-profit enterprise no booking feeswill be charged for Tennent's Mutual shows and ticket income will beploughed back into its central fund, creating a self-generating amountthat will grow and continue to create yet more live events through2009 and beyond. Figures on board to advise fans on all aspects of live musicprogramming for The Tennent's Mutual include Rolling Stones svengaliAndrew Loog Oldham, Babyshambles manager Adrian Hunter, Optimo's KeithMcIvor (aka JD Twitch) plus label bosses of Scottish indieinstitutions Chemikal Underground, The Fence Collective and CreepingBent. For more information and to join up as a founder member: www.tennentsmutual.com"

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