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Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

Sam 45

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I went to the launch night at Mono which was packed and absolutely brilliant.

The new album is genius, slightly more polished and rounded than 'Sing the Greys', but it's lost none of the charm. Musically it's more varied, and lyrically it's even better. I think 'Poke' is probably my favourite, but honestly there isn't a bad track on it.

Easily my favourite album of 2008 thus far.

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And here is a couple of reviews:

"Utterly beautiful.” - 8/10 NME

“Glasgow’s best kept secret.” - The Fly

“This is a rallying cry, a rejection of the stylish and self-serious, and a redemption of the trite through the embrace of it’s universality” - Pitchfork

“The authentically upset, undoubtedly Caledonian singing voice, plus underlying folk architechture confirm the impression of a band apart.” - Mojo

“Sing The Greys suggests that Frightened Rabbit may soon be hailed as one of Britain’s better new bands” - Q

“Their follow-up next Spring should confirm them as one of 2008’s most talked-about bands” - Scotland On Sunday

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Guest treader.

saw them at TITP and they were great.

bought the album a week or so later, and it's really really nice.

'head rolls off' or 'the twist' or 'old old fashioned' are my favourites.

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Guest idol_wild

It's a long time since I've been so engaged by an entire album of brilliant lyricism.

It's one of my albums of the year.

Shame they're mince live now that they're a four-piece. I'm ready to be proved wrong on the 18th September at Moshulu though.

The fantastic We Were Promised Jetpacks are providing the support.

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Guest idol_wild

dunno why they've bothered becoming a 4 piece really. dicks.

They wanted to embrace the sonic magnitude of their bosom buddies, The Twilight Sad. But they're not the same kind of band; they have a different dynamic. Now they just sound too loud, trebly, and overcooked in a live environment.

Which is a shame. They have played brilliant sets as a 3-piece in Snafu, The Lemon Tree, and The Tunnels.

But hey, they are a signed and extremely successful underground indie-pop band who are touring relentlessly, so they know much better than I do.

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Guest idol_wild
Is the Moshulu gig likely to sell out, d'you think?

I doubt it. It'll be pretty busy though, I think. The support, We Were Promised Jetpacks are apparently on the verge of signing to Fat Cat aswell, so a marketing push might go into it nearer the time but I still think you'll be safe.

But by all accounts, I think the local support will bring a healthy crowd along too ;)

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dont know if itll sell out but it got booked only last week or so and we have sold shedload of tickets already - posters arent even out yet either! theyre going up next week.

so id suggest it would sell well and to get early because stranger things have happened and i can see it selling really well.

if they sell out moshulu itd be really cool, me and nick dhc put them on to around 35 people a long time ago in snafu and every time since ive seen their crowd slowly grow and grow (fucking hell they supported US once in tunnels - madness)

its really good (and reassuring) to see a band who have great material, that are nice people and down to earth doing well as they deserve it i feel.

sing the greys was my favourite cd for so long that my flatmates banned me from playing it and the other members of the little kicks are bored of me forcing it on them!

midnight... - is great too and itll be good to see them in september.

were opening up the night and i think were playing in glasgow with them at some point too but thats still tbc.

for any uber fans, theres a wealth of interviews and live clips / accoustic sesssions on youtube if you can be arsed searching.

they single handedly restored my faith the idea of bands who work hard with good songs can get somewhere without either being in the NME every week or having a gimmick/ being from london etc.even if it takes time.

anyway, praise over and back to work.

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