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[GIG] Jonah Matranga (acoustic & full band) + Attention @ Moshulu

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Jonah Matranga(us) (Ex Gratitude/Far/Onelinedrawing/new end origional)

Jonah Matranga was the powerful voice of Bands Gratitude & Far as well as his other sometimes solo sometimes not projects New End Origional & Onelinedrawing. His voice is as powerful as his stage presense, and seing him live is always an experiance that will never be forgotten.


Attention(us) (Ex-Gratitude minus Jonah)

Attention were formed shortly after Gratitude decided to call it a day, and are not only performing as a support band, they will also be joining jonah on stage to perform songs from all his past projects.


Five 0's(uk)

Five-Os are a rock / powerpop / indie band from Manchester, UK. Starting life in 1999 the three Bradbury Brothers formed the band aged 15, 13 and 11. After a few years playing the local gig circuit and recording demos in their local studio, they set off for bigger things. Playing support to; 4ft Fingers, and Tuuli, then most famously playing at the KC Stadium and the Britannia Stadium with International Rock Superstar Bryan Adams on his World Tour of 2004! This gave the band mass media coverage on BBC and ITV primetime TV and a UK tour of national radio stations playing acoustic sets live on air. This led to a slot on the Golf Records Tour later that year. They achieved sponsership deals with Fender guitars and Bernys clothing.


Tantrik Konnection

Young band from ellon, with influences ranging from rock to indie to funk, one to look out for this year i recon. Website link to follow...


Catchy Mellow music from london. Sometimes performed with full band, sometimes acoustic, but always brilliant. Del will be playing aberdeen supporting Jonah For the second time, as well as having a past tour with jonah and multiple others under his belt in the last few years. Expect cheeky humor and awesome tunes.


Though the venue is not ideal for acoustic shows, jonah will also be performing full band for the first time in the uk since Gratitude's 2005 tour. This could be a one off opertunity to see your favorite songs from jonah's back catalogue performed live with a full band, so definatley not an opertunity to miss...

Doors 7pmish

Tickets avaliable from one-up as soon as i get them, or from www.ticketweb.co.uk if you dont mind booking fee's!

:up::up::up: Hope to see you all there, lets try and show jonah the reception he deserves!

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Excellent set from Jonah. Nice mix of everything. :up: Top bloke. I look forward to his return.

The bassist from Attention and Jonah's "backing band" had the greatest collection of rock faces and gurns I have seen in ages. I congratulated him at the end. :)

Attendance was woeful. No more than 60 folk in Moshulu. :down:

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so ive tried ringing all of the three numbers i managed to get for him.

thanks to rass, angusr and jimmy b for helping.

long story short,

i know your reading this ross, and you know why i need to get hold of you so if you dont pick up your fone or call me back before 3pm today then it wont be me doing the chasing as ill just hand the matter onto someone more official to chase you and not waste my time.

Its getting boring listening to your voicemail.

however, if you just call me back we can sort it out and life goes on etc.

for anyone, who didnt know already (i know the tunnels are well aware) , if ross wants to hire your venue/ run a gig in your place - DONT FUCKING BOTHER

sorry to harp on but i dont really have much choice.

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Seems to be a little bother on this gig, didn't want to bring the topic back up but I felt it necessary to say something.

For anyone (yeah, all three of you) who expected to see me play this gig, massive apologies for not making it. About two weeks before the show, my brother passed away in very sudden circumstances, meaning that I had to be around for my family. I couldn't get in touch with Ross (seems to be a common theme here) so I had no way of really letting anyone know I wouldn't be there, and just hoped that people who knew me might've been able to pass on the message.

It's very rare that I have to cancel shows and sadly this has been because of the worst reason ever. :( But I'll be back in Aberdeen soon, promise. And hopefully by then I'll be a bit less sad.


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