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Jay-z @ aecc


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ha ha....oops! I'd guess they'd sound like Noel Gallgher's worst nighmare.

Haha. Yeah! Probably...

Basement Jaxx on the otherhand did a pretty good job at Glasto... Well, what I remember from seeing on tv.

I remember the tv person saying... "Oh, they've designed this set especially and their cover of Kylie's Can't Get You Out of My Head is especially for this!"... Utter rubbish... They played it at the Barrowlands on the tour before Glastonbury! Lol. I love it when music 'experts' get it wrong...

That's a total off tangent rant...

Jay-Z would be pretty good I reckon. Although, the crowd would be horrendous. The biggest reason for not going.

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